• All men 80 years and older may hit from the RED tees.  All Men 65 and older may play from the GOLD tees IF they prefer.  On hole #3, Women 65 and older may play from the drop zone.  Women 75 and older may use the yellow tees IF they prefer which will alternate each week on holes 4, 6 or 8.

  • The format is a modified Scramble.  One tee shot must be used by EACH member during the round.  The member whose tee shot is slected does not hit the second shot, except on par three holes.  If there are only three members on a team, each player is entitled to play the selected tee shot.  Each player is entitled to only one shot.  No player may hit more than once at each position!  One t-shot for each player MUST BE USED.​

  • Rain dates (when called by the League Managers) must be completed by Thursday of the following week.  Turn in your score cards to one of the League Managers OR leave with staff at the clubhouse.

  • Teams are responsible for finding their own substitutes.  Substitute information will be posted on the "Golf Schedule" page.  All subs MUST be gender specific.  Men should contact Men, Women contact Women, no exceptions.  If you have sub(s) for the week, you must notify one of the League Managers with the name of your sub.  As a committed couples' league member, you are expected to golf each Friday morning.  Only use a sub IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

  • When there are ties, the prize money will be divided equally between the winning teams.  For example, if two teams tie for low score, they will split first and second place money.  IF three teams tie, they will split all the prize money.  If there is a definitive first place winner, they will receive first place prize money.  If there is a two-way tie for second place, those teams will split second and third place money.  A tie breaker hole WILL NOT be used.

  • The ball must be "on the green" to count in any of the "long putt" events.

  • There will be a "chip-in" pool of $.25 per person each week for those that elect to participate.  Event money will carry over weekly and be divided equally between any individuals that chip-in.  You must participate each week to be eligible for any carry-over money.  Ball MUST be off the green to be counted as a "chip", but any club may be used.